TPK Mission

TPK Ceramics strives to ensure stability and integrity with an absolute commitment to consumer health using a product devoid of toxic metals. We strive to elevate the vape industry to a higher standard and our company aims to provide the healthiest, most advanced medical-grade hardware available on the market today.



In today's cannabis industry, it is essential to cater to the consumers with health conditions that turn to cannabis as a method of healing. These consumers are looking for a product that heals rather than harms. Our mission from the very beginning envisioned an industry devoid of toxic elements through an absolute steadfast commitment to consumer health. First and foremost, regardless of cost, TPK Distributors went to incredible lengths to find a qualified manufacturing partner in China who shares the same mission, which is a challenging task to say the least. If we elevate the vape industry to a higher standard, consumers as a whole can enjoy a better baseline and a clearer world rid of toxic side-effects. 

Product Information

Machining most ceramics is a difficult task due to their high-brittleness. Our proprietary cartridges feature advanced CNC milling and offer the latest in break-through medical vape technology engineering. Designed to work with higher viscosity oils above 70% and outperforms other market leaders. Engineered with ECS bio-compatibility and health in mind.

  • Coil: Ceramic 

  • Heating Wire: Stainless 316L

  • Resistence: 1.4 OHM

  • Thread: 510

  • Medical Glass Tank

  • 3 intake holes 2.0 and 2.2 mm options

● Dental grade ceramic ● Thickest and most durable ceramic in the market ● Can identify the true color/quality of oil against white background ● Passed all California heavy metals test ● Advanced inhalation technology ● Machine assembled ● Patented design

Automation is the only reliable option to meet higher volume demands in a timely fashion. Hand-made cartridges have higher defect rates, and their seals are pressured with 8-10 times less pressure



In an effort to ensure no disruption in the supply chain, TPK warehouses inventory at no additional cost to our clients.


Custom Logo/Branding available.


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